Google doesn’t index all the pages it finds. Fortunately, you can use Google Search Console to see which ones aren’t!

Google Search Console is a free tool from Google that helps you monitor your website’s progress and diagnose any errors. It also provides information about specific issues preventing pages from being indexed, which could lead to increased traffic for things like error messages on404’d sites or low rank due in part by spammy content
In addition it will show when there have been updates made so we can check if they’re working as expected!

And this is the reason why we can’t draw any conclusions about which problems are most common or how they change over time.

If you want to make sure your pages show up when people search for whatever it is they are looking, then read this article. We’ll explore the most popular indexing issues that are preventing Google from listing them on their SERPS (search engine result pages).

indexing is like building a library except instead of books, google deals with websites. It’s an essential part in keeping track and giving importance to all the information on earth through their search engine which helps people find whatever they need quickly without wasting time browsing around aimlessly online!

In order for Google to find and index your pages, they have be properly indexed. In layman’s terms- saved from being ‘found’ by a search engine like google
The more traffic that goes through these webpages the higher chance of being found when someone types something about them into their browser or smartphone because there will always come up with an option allowing users direct access without having first navigate around various sites via links provided at various points throughout most websites

Then, Google can analyze their content to determine if they are relevant for a specific query.

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