The internet peoples and surfers who are crazy for the latest Hollywood movie very well acquainted with the IMDB platform which initiates amazing information about the latest upcoming film releases across the world.  The IMDB contains a list of impending Hollywood movies, home videos, video games, personal biographies, internet streams, trivia, latest reviews and updates, and ratings on the chartbusters. Technically it’s an online database that holds almost every reliable information of the latest releases and upcoming movies. The app has eminent popularity among the movie chasers and filmy maggots.

Upcoming Hollywood Movie 2019 Trailed Below:

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

The movie is a thrill mystery fantasy film soon to be released on 10 May 2019. One of the leading cartoon characters inspired film is a joint Japanese and American venture directed by Rob Letterman. It is the first film of Pokemon officially released in theaters very soon. A sequel after this is also expected very soon. The movie depicts the life story of Pokemon who lost his father and encountered some mischief in the world of Pokemon.

Star Wars: The Rise of skywalkers

The star wars: the rise of skywalkers is a Hollywood movie with great adventure on a galaxy far away. It is an American saga star wars last film to be released this year in December at Christmas. The movie teasers are released worldwide and can be viewed on the web and other associated apps. The movie is worth to watch at the end of this year. J J Abrams is the director of the film who ensures the rise of skywalkers an entertaining movie of this year.


This is an epic of musical fantasy action-based Hollywood movie directed by Guy Ritchie. In the film a generous street boy and a power-hungry “Genie” (human-like spirit) with a magic lamp that has some superpowers to make their earnest desires come true. The movie is inspired by an old Middle East Arabian mystic comic of romance, adventure, and fun. The film is scheduled to be released on 24 of May this year. The movie especially thrills kids and youngsters who are in love with magical movie dramas.

Frozen II

The upcoming Frozen part II is completely a computer-animated American film. It is a musical fantasy with great adventure and fun the movie is scheduled for release this year. The official date is 22 Nov 2019 for the animation movie chasers. The movie is expected to be released in 2D, 3D, and Imax 3D formats for the viewers around the world. The characters in the film are going to explore a journey and cross many unwanted hurdles. In a nutshell, this is a thrill Hollywood movie for the viewers.

Men in Black International

The Men in Black is yet to be released on 14 June 2019 very soon. The Hollywood movie is a science fiction and action comedy film. It is a sequel of the original Men in Black where the men in black determined as secret agents are hired to save the earth from the attack of aliens while travels across the globe. The movie is expected to be a super hit this year. It is worth watching and entertaining with its high definition of drama and vision.

IT Chapter Two

This Hollywood movie is paranormal Horror drama with a mystery. The film is another part of the IT film released last year. The movie is on the list to be released this year on September 6, 2019. It is a Fiction drama based on a novel by Stephen King, and the director is Andy Muschietti. The story screens a cruel crown that gets back with more strong evil powers and spells.  It would be interesting to see how Pennywise takes his revenge.

Toy Story 4

The Toy Story 4 is a comic adventure with great fantasy brings by the newly welcomed Toy “Forky” in the woody gang. The movie depicts the great assumption of toys for the enormous world. The movie is an exciting and adventurous movie for kids. Josh Cooley has well composed the whole movie with great initialization of characters within the film. The film screens a roadside trip of the toy with the gang.

Spider-Man far from home

The upcoming Hollywood movie Spider-Man far from the man is an after sequel of Spider-Man. It is an action-based adventurous film to be released this year on 5 July 2019.  The story covers a journey where Peter Parker helps his friends on a European vacation where he finds creature attacks and saves lives from havoc. Jon Watts is the director of the film and assure it a great hit of this year across the world.

X-Men: Dark Phoneix

The X-Men is an action film based on the superhero influenced by Marvel Comics. It’s a series film of X-Men and is directed by Simon Kinberg. The film revolves around how the X-Men confronts the power of Phoneix after an erroneous mission. The movie is scheduled to be released on 7th June 2019. This will be going to be a great entertaining film this summer over the seas.

Once Upon a time in Hollywood

The movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a crime thriller film written & directed by Quentin Tarantino. It’s a biography of a TV actor Rick Dalton and his struggle for recognition and change in the film industry of 1969. It is planned to be premiered in May this year at Cannes Festivals and enlisted to be released on 26 July 2019. It’s a collaborate venture between American and British.

The above-briefed movies are top on the list of upcoming movies on IMDB this year. All the movies are incredible in their particular tones and depictions.