The HBO in 2019 is one of the exciting host channels for most lively, exciting, enduring, and entertaining programs and series. Channel is leading the trends from years over the back to entertain the viewers and TV watchers throughout the world. Its viewers always seek some interesting factual, dramatic, trending and most entertaining shows that best relate with their consciousness. It embarks exhibits and programs that set trends with ultimate entertainment to relieve the viewers of every taste and likings. The channel gives you a wishlist of trailblazing series, documentaries, and sports while you take a step in 2019.

The best 10 Popular TV shows worth watching on HBO in 2019 are pinned below:

The Deuce

With top leads “The Deuce” is getting hike nowadays which represents the crime and the scandal of the 1970s. David Simon has curated the drama to show the lucid rise of the porn industry in that era. He represents a mesh of characters that cross over the roads with inhumanities with which they are influenced. The important character in the drama is the Vincent Martino (James Franco), a bartender working for the mob, and Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a sex worker willing to raise her lot by getting into the pornography business. The deuce presents the crime, cop-corruption, drugs and the booms of real estate. The Deuce is trending its 3rd season this year to be continued in 2019. It will be going to be an exciting show to be kept eye-on.

The Young Pope

The next trending series of this year which will go far is “The Young Pope.” Paolo Sorrentino directed the series for Sky Atlantic. The series is based on the character of a pope who is orthodox and is tucked up to an old set of customs. He doesn’t believe in public appearances, and he wants to rule with threatening powers. The character is rude and insensitive because of his past. He shows different moods; at times he gets very holy, and another moment he doesn’t give a whit to God. He is a selfish man who forcefully controls the church and shows his insistence in every matter. The show has controversial reviews. Hopefully, it will trend in the coming year too.

Big Little Lies

The big Little lies are a novel based drama that revolves around three lady characters that are shown emotionally distressed in an involved murder investigation. It is directed by Jean-Marc who interestingly curated and presented the show that entwines the minds of viewers.  The show was entitled to many nominations and won the last count of awards. It is the most-liked and popular show of the time as well. HBO in 2019 is ready with its revised 2nd season this year. Hopefully, viewers will enjoy the upcoming series soon in 2019.

West World

The Westworld show is revised with season 3 this year too for its thrill and adventurous episodes that are based on the 1970’s film. The show takes you to an unspecified time of future based on six theme parks that make it’s dramatically interesting to watch what will happen next. It is altogether a technically advanced fiction. It was terrific from its first season and was one of the most-watched series of 2014. The series is revised and very soon will be premiered on HBO in 2019 with its third season for its viewers.

The Night Of

The show is based on a murder mystery that makes it more enticing for viewers. One night stand of a Pakistani-American student turns onto furious murder, and he was behind the bar for the sin he hasn’t done. Rapper and actor Riz Ahmed has done an outstanding role to portray the character that attracts the viewers more apparently. The show is too serious but most interesting in many phases. The show is trending now and hopefully, continue next year also with its interesting episodes.


Another show of David Simon is Treme is an Orleans themed drama. It was followed right after the Katrina hurricane. It shows the recovery of lives and people fighting back with the sufferings of the hurricane. It has an excellent narrative that attracts viewers, and it is hard to ignore it possibly. The series has best-portrayed characters that entangle watchers on a wide range. The show has lots of viewers that make it worth popular and put it on the trending list.

The leftovers

The leftover is a supernatural mystery drama series created by Damon Lindelof. In the show, the life of a policeman with his family has been emphasized how they survive after the departure of the world. It gained mostly positive reviews and re-evaluations. Despite all the critiques, it was the most trending show of its time that gained massive popularity when aired on HBO in 2019. It recognized by the cult followers. Hopefully, it trends usually in the coming year too.

Games Of Thrones

The show is an outstanding show of nowadays with its best trending series. It stands for most Emmy winning series of the time with 47 awards for its name. Being an epic fantasy, it gained popularity in youth and enchanted many youngsters and children too. The show gets so hiked that it was copied as an app game for users and the admirers as well. The show is trending consistently on the channel and is watched persistently too. It is one of the series that bagged the most international viewers in its name. Positively the show will go at the same pace and will be premiered with its new series in the coming year too.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The show is completely a fun show. It is an American comedy series that depicts the life of the writer and creator Larry David. It welcomes many guests’ stars on the show where they envisioned their lives. The dialogues are best implemented by the actors who are written by David to keep it spectacular. The show is on-trend and hopefully goes the same in the coming year too. Keep watching the show.


The veep is an entertaining American political satire comedy TV series, which is starred by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Here the story revolved around a strong political female character who is vice president as Fictional of the United States where the drama depicts American politics without tripping over it. Indeed, the drama series was severely criticized and liked simultaneously. Also, veep has claimed many awards and nominations with a legacy that viewers will reminisce in the feature. The series is trending and will go positively the same in next year too. Keep trending with the show.

The HBO programs can be watched at any hour and any place by HBO GO. It enlists almost all the trending and popular programs and series. If you skip watching the shows on Pay TV, you can check them trending on Pay TV.